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Secondary Packaging

Spee-Dee’s Rotary Powder Filling Machines

Although primary packaging is critical to making sure that the product is delivered to the consumer in a sanitary, and aesthetic manner. Secondary packaging is just as critical as it creates the barrier from the primary packaging to the outside world. An example of this would be a card board box around a bag of cereal, the case around a 12 pack, or the bag that holds individual packets/sachets of sugar. The bags, cartons, and often shrink wrapped bundles are often the first thing the consumer sees when walking through the grocery store. This equipment has to be robust in order to meet speed and accuracy requirements, while handling the package in a delicate enough manner that it doesn’t damage the product presentation.

Retail stores play a big part in how secondary packaging is presented to the end consumer. The demand for shelf space and the cost associated with that space drives CPG brands to change packaging frequently to maximize the product on the shelf with keeping the cost to do so at the lowest possible point. This means that the equipment doing the bagging, cartoning, or any secondary packaging needs to be dynamic to match these requirements. Reducing or eliminating change over times, reducing the weight of components to accelerate drives, these are all common thoughts when a new machine is being designed and developed. With vast experience in helping secondary packaging equipment manufacturers do these thing, there is a great chance that OMNI can help you too. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality polyurethane and elastomeric products in the industry.

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