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Omni has been working in the industry for over 40 years. We know your struggles to bring a cost-effective yet high-quality packaging product to market. We know every packaging project is different, but efficiency is always crucial. Working with Omni can eliminate those long changeover times and inefficiencies. How do we do this? By utilizing a quick-change tool system that snaps instead of bolts. That means less time bolting and unbolting components and more time making your product.


“I could not be happier with our system upgrades. The team at OMNI designed a new system that

took our changeover times from 3.5 hours to less than 30 minutes. 

On top of the time savings, our line operators can now perform the changeover. The color-coordinated parts create a visual indicator of whether the changeover has been completed and 

we get 18+ hours of production back per line per month."

- JM


You want to improve your existing machinery

You’re always looking to improve efficiency and stay on top of your competition. Omni wants to partner with you to give you the upgrade you need to supercharge your business.

You want to save time while maintaining quality

Our quick-change system eliminates the need for tools for component changes. Instead of spending five minutes bolting and unbolting, spend 15 seconds and get more done.

You need a partner who knows the business

We’ve been in the industry for over 40 years and have worked with Fortune 500 companies and their OEM partners. Our materials weigh less, look better, and come in way more colors.



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Frequently Asked Questions

OMNI holds to standard dimensional practices. The majority of the parts that we manufacture are at a two place decimal level and held to ±.01". However, there are instances where that is not good enough, or that may be overkill. Depending on the specifics OMNI can hold ±.005" on specific features by molding the part to size, or machining a specific dimension to accomplish the overall requirement.

At OMNI we desire to be responsive to our customers' needs. Lead-times fall into a few categories, standard runs and long runs. The quantity of parts required dictates the expected lead-times. Normal repeat orders would fall into a 3-5 week window.

Each elastomer is different, however the majority of the products that we handle are able to have CIP (Clean In Place) requirements put on them. The fact that these materials are fairly corrosion resistant, combined with a hygienic design, allow for extremely sanitary components. Many of the materials we utilize have operating temperatures of 185°F and can stand up to hot water, not steam, and most standard cleaning agents provided that are at the proper dilution rate.

This is a great question and one we love to answer. Yes, yes it can! Many polymers, specifically polyurethanes, have outstanding abrasion resistance and toughness due to the wide range of durometers available. These materials can be extremely soft and compliant to extremely rigid like a bowling ball. This affords us the flexibility to optimize the design and functionality. There is a reason why salt truck blades and salter chutes are made from polymers and not metals. Impingement resistance and corrosion resistance.


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