Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

We engineer best-in-class solutions for our CPG partners, including almost every CPG Fortune 500 company

Consumer Packaged Goods Companies

The Consumer packaged Goods industry has been OMNI’s primary market since our start in 1979. This has afforded OMNI the opportunity to support every major CPG Fortune 500 company and many of their OEM partners.

We have seen technology advance at a rapid pace and been able to leverage our decades of knowledge to engineer solutions that are best suited for our customers applications. Although more soft automation has been utilized to decrease the demand for labor, our primary experience in the CPG industry comes in the hard automation product handling applications.

Whether you are conveying a product or packaging a product in a primary, secondary, or tertiary package, OMNI has seen it, handled it, and helped packaged it. It does not matter if the product is packaged in a bottle, box, bag, tray, tote, or can; OMNI has experience handling it. Whether the product is in raw form, in its primary, secondary, or tertiary package, OMNI has the experience required to help solve even the hardest problems.

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