Industrial Automation

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Industrial Automation

Autonomous Guided Vehicles, Autonomous Mobile Robots, Robots & CNC Equipment

Automation is the use of machines to carry out a series of tasks with little to no human interaction. Industrial automation is the application of equipment to carry out processes in a facility for a more optimized operation. At OMNI, we understand that industrial automation encompasses a wide array of equipment types and platforms. The two primary types of industrial automation that we work with are hard (also called “fixed”) automation and soft automation. Hard automation is designed for repetitive motion and high production rates. Soft automation is where the system is extremely flexible and quick changes can be made.

Hard Automation is covered on the CPG page as well as the OEM page. Soft automation for OMNI consists of Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Robots and Co-bots, and CNC Equipment. Each type of equipment, as well as each application for that equipment, is unique. However, there are standard, modular, and customizations that are part of each one of them. At OMNI, we take the time to understand what is important, then match the right material, potential additives, and manufacturing method to each component that we manufacture. Whether you need a cover for electrical components, guarding for safety, wheels for an AGV, or end of arm tooling; OMNI has the ability to collaborate, design, and manufacture the plastic/elastomer components required for your equipment.

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