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Robotics for End of Line Packaging

End-of-Line packaging takes the finished shelf-ready product, places it into a carton, and gets the case palletized, stretch-wrapped, and prepared for shipping.

Many OEMs use robotic automation systems to assist with quality control, employee safety, and cost-effectiveness. This involves employing collaborative robots and other programmable tools in their packaging systems that would otherwise be completed by humans.

Why automate end-of-line packaging?

Several positions along the production line can be dangerous and potentially fatal to an employee in the event of an accident. Case packing can also be tedious, but needs to be accurate and precise. Industrial robotics can replace unskilled, repetitive tasks—allowing employees to focus on cognitive and creative tasks and creating a safer, more enriching work environment.

Robotic systems allow for accurate movement during loading, fulfillment, pick and placement, palletizing, and more. Packaging automation allows for greater consistency and quality while improving throughput and productivity.

Plastic Parts and Robotic Packaging

Given the high-speed nature of packaging machines, part replacement and repair can be common. Replacing a gripper or end-of-arm tool can be difficult, especially with stainless steel parts that are delayed by supply chain issues. It’s possible to cut out those packaging equipment issues by replacing them with custom, molded plastic parts from OMNI.

With superior design flexibility, polyurethane parts can be customized to each material handling application. Molded components offer seamless and weld-less possibilities, perfect for food contact parts. Polyurethane is extremely versatile and can offer abrasion resistance and durability. Plastic parts beat out fabricated metal designs with the ability to rebound and have release properties. To learn more about the benefits of polyurethane components, check out our 6 Reasons Why Molded Parts Made From Plastics Or Polyurethane Are Better For Manufacturing blog.

OMNI Technologies can customize parts to be easier for changeover – removing the need for special tools, or skilled technicians to replace machine parts. More customizable and durable parts result in reduced waste, reduced down-time, which  results in significant cost and time savings.

At OMNI Technologies, we offer a variety of end-of-line packaging parts. From cartoner buckets and pallet parts to pusher flights and funnels, we can customize any part to your automation solution needs. With high durability and easy changeover, plastic parts are sure to make your packaging solutions more effective and efficient than ever.  

Why OMNI Technologies

At OMNI Technologies, we are proud of our collaborative, educational evaluation process. Your focus is our focus. We will work with you from idea conception to final delivery to ensure each part works exactly to your specifications.

No matter your project, our innovative team at OMNI can help you customize and deliver your solution. We have the design knowledge to produce the highest quality product with superior functionality and performance. We are ready to collaborate with you to identify the best solution – from design and material selection to execution and delivery.

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