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Collaborative Opportunity Evaluation

You might be curious why we ask so many questions?

On the front end of every project or product development, our main concern is making sure that we can successfully meet every customers ultimate objectives. So, we want to understand the ins and outs of as much as possible regarding your products, your business, how they perform, what could be improved, and find out as many facts as possible.

The more we know, the better job that we can do to create a product that will make you, and your customers completely satisfied.

With so many moving parts and meetings taking up so much of everyone’s time, our focus is to make OMNI as easy of a place to work with as possible. Our team has the latest technology at their disposal to make sure that we can be available to have detailed conversation and insure that all parties are on the same page. When in house visits are tough to schedule we are happy to setup a GOTO Meeting, share screens, and get everyone on the same call regardless of where they are located. It is in the best interest of all parties to truly evaluate all possibilities. We are committed to providing the highest level of quality and performance for the manufactured parts OMNI provides. We stand behind our work and will be the first to tell you there are better options available, even if those options are not with us.

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