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Collaborative Opportunity Evaluation

What is The OMNI Product Development Process?

The OMNI Product Development Process means having a supplier relationship that you can trust to fully understand your challenges, application requirements, and unique product design. It is crucial to the success of your application.

At OMNI, we are invested in our customers’ success as well as the success of your customers. That’s why we mapped out a clear pathway to help you achieve success. Here’s a look into what we call The OMNI Process:

  1. Collaborative Opportunity Evaluation
  2. Designing Your Innovative Solution
  3. Making Your Mold
  4. Manufacturing Your Solution
  5. Performing For You

What is Collaborative Opportunity Evaluation?

Before we can start designing your unique innovative solution and selecting the right raw materials for your application, the OMNI process begins with Collaborative Opportunity Evaluation in which we facilitate a detailed information-sharing process. We deep dive into your challenges, key issues, and goals, determine the best metrics to help us achieve those goals, and ensure that both our focus and initiatives are aligned with yours.

How do we work together to develop something special in our manufacturing processes that differentiate us in the marketplace? 

We diligently work with you to understand the unique methodology of your business, your equipment, and your EU. The more we know, the more value we can provide.

You may be wondering why we ask so many questions at the beginning of the OMNI Process. On the front end of every project or product development, our main concern is making sure that we can successfully meet every customer’s ultimate objectives. We want to understand the ins and outs of your products, your business, how they perform, and what could be improved.

The more we know, the more capable we are of creating a product that will fulfill all the needs of you and your customers.

With many moving parts and time-consuming meetings, our focus is to make your OMNI experience as smooth and easy as possible. Our team has the latest technology at their disposal allowing us to be available for detailed conversations while also ensuring that all parties are on the same page. When in-house visits are tough to schedule, we are happy to set up a Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting, share screens, and get everyone on the same call regardless of their locations. It is in the best interest of all parties to diligently evaluate all possibilities. OMNI is committed to providing the highest level of quality and performance for the manufactured parts we provide. We stand behind our work and will be the first to tell you if and when there are better options available, even if those options are not with us.

OEM Benefits from Collaborative Opportunity Evaluation

1. Longer Product Lifecycles

At OMNI, we are invested in our customers’ continued success and the value they gain from our partnership, rather than just providing them with a short-term fix. 

Our proven track record of providing engineered plastic parts to the largest OEMs in the packaging industry since 1979 speaks for itself. However, our ongoing success working cooperatively with our partners on project after project, product line after product line speaks even louder.

At some point, all parts need replacing. Although we pride ourselves in our collaborative, long-term relationships with our partners, we often see repeat customers after a part has reached the end of its lifecycle. Due to the longevity of our products, this speaks volumes to the relationships we develop with our customers. 

2. Avoid The Hassle and Cost of Redesign

In a partnership with OMNI, you can trust us to get it right the first time while keeping your design cost reductions top of mind. At the very beginning of the OMNI Process, we conduct a robust collaborative analysis of your application so that we can fully understand your needs and challenges, ensuring that you get the most value. When working with us, you will know exactly what to expect from start to finish.

Who Is OMNI Technologies?

OMNI is a leading designer and manufacturer of dynamic polyurethane components for OEMs, serving the Consumer Packaged Goods and Original Equipment Manufacturing industries. The custom parts we create are used in a wide range of packaging, processing, and industrial applications.

We provide our partners with the most durable, molded polyurethane components for their unique equipment, giving ourselves and our partners a competitive advantage. OMNI is proud to stand out as a leading provider of engineered plastic solutions for product handling systems.

We differentiate ourselves and our solutions in the global market by offering our stakeholders the highest durability at cost-effective pricing, therefore increasing our partners’ profitability. We achieve all of this while upholding our business model values of integrity, humility, ownership, innovation, and of course, OMNI drive. And it all starts with The OMNI Process.

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