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6 Reasons Why Molded Parts Made From Plastics Or Polyurethane Are Better For Manufacturing

It’s More Than Just a Way To Save $

You’re familiar with polyurethane and different types of plastic being used in packaging, but what about manufacturing? Sure, you know various metal components are used in the building of a manufacturing plant, but what about plastic and engineered polymers? It may be a strange concept to grasp at first, but the benefits of using polyurethane molded parts in production plants cannot be ignored, and they aren’t too good to be true – we promise.

At OMNI, we provide our partners with the most durable molded polyurethane components for their manufacturing equipment. Let’s take a further look at the benefits of using engineered plastics & polymers in manufacturing.

1. Sanitation

Sanitation is key for many of our partners in the food and beverage industry. It’s critical that the parts we create for them have the ability to be sanitized according to all federal regulations. Polyurethane and other types of engineered plastics can be sanitized to meet USDA, FDA, and other sanitary compliance requirements. Not only is this for the health and safety of consumers, but for the taste and quality of the final product!

Polyurethane is a non-porous material, meaning it does not allow liquid or air to pass through it. This is an ideal material for the food and beverage manufacturing industries as it discourages bacteria growth & prevents food contamination. Other non-porous materials include glass, metals, and varnished wood – though plastic is the most cost-effective and efficient in the majority (if not all) of industry applications.

At OMNI, our polyurethane is resistant to water, oil, and grease – promoting overall plant sanitation. Sitting water can lead to mildew and cause metal to rust, while sitting oil and grease can negatively impact the final product and increase maintenance costs of the plant.

It is more efficient for us to manufacture parts at a higher degree of sanitation than machining parts out of a block of material, or fabricating out of a sheet of material and bending and welding it. OMNI provides molded polyurethane and engineered plastics that offer superior sanitation properties at a lower cost.

2. Quality

As a leading design and manufacturer of dynamic polyurethane components for OEMs, our goal is to provide our partners with the most durable, molded polyurethane components for their equipment.

Our polyurethane is abrasion, impact, and tear-resistant – giving you and your team the reliable, sturdy parts to succeed day in and day out. Our products have a wide resiliency range that allows them to perform in even the harshest of environments.

3. Flexibility

Flexibility in Customization

The use of engineered plastics also allows for more flexibility and customization.

Some parts may need to be sturdy and impact-resistant, while others may require the ability to be bendable and pliable. We are able to manufacture our polyurethane products from a 20 SHORE A to a 85 SHORE D, and anywhere in between.

At OMNI, we are also able to add various pigments during the manufacturing process to create a variety of custom looks. With over 20 different color selections, we can match your organization’s colors or rotate ‘wear parts’ based on batch or season.

Some reasons our partners want custom colored pieces:

  • To warn of danger or when an employee should use caution
  • To group parts together to make for easier identification during the maintenance or cleaning processes
  • To promote the organization’s colors throughout the entire plant to promote team camaraderie
Flexibility In Application

Not only do we have options when it comes to the physical material, but also the application. Thanks to our talented engineering team, we’ve been able to partner with OEMs to streamline and simplify their systems.

The care and maintenance of older machines and parts can be difficult to teach new employees, at times an entire manufacturing process may be paused while a special mechanic is called in to changeover or repair the machine. Not only are you losing time and profits from the delay, but that repair can be costly and impact the bottom line! We have the ability to make custom parts that do not require special tools or training to repair. By partnering with OMNI, we have the opportunity to collaborate, innovate, and create a new part that is easier to install and maintain.

4. Special Additive For Metal Detection

Plastic isn’t detectable by metal, right? Well usually it’s not, but it is with OMNI! We use a special additive that allows our plastic products to be x-ray and metal detected.

We stand by our durable and reliable products, but we know accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. Having a metal detectable part gives you the ability to detect and find any broken pieces within the processed or packaged product in case of an accident to prevent contamination.

5. Shorter Production Times

Compared to conventional thermoplastic materials, polyurethane has a relatively short lead time. At OMNI, we take it one step further and house all of our processes under one roof – so we feel less of an impact from supply chain issues, which have been all too frequent these last couple of years. You can say “bye, bye” to crazy long lead times when you work with OMNI.

6. Savings

Energy Savings

Did you know that engineered polymers are roughly a third of the weight of aluminum and a seventh of the weight of steel? This means less stress on your machinery, resulting in less energy being used to operate and maintain the facility.

Cost Savings

Well, we couldn’t leave out this amazing benefit! Engineered polymers are less expensive and in some cases less than half the cost of other options. Not only are you saving money from the product itself, but your operating costs have the opportunity to be decreased due to the energy savings mentioned above.

No matter your project, our innovative team at OMNI can help you customize and deliver your solution. We have the design knowledge to produce the highest quality product with superior functionality and performance. We are ready to collaborate with you to identify the best solution – from design and material selection to execution and delivery. See how we can help your team become more efficient today

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