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Industrial Applications: Erosion Controls

OMNI often hears that molded Polyurethane can’t possibly hold up like steel or even aluminum. Our customer, V-Trax, disagrees.

V-Trax supplies construction sites with mats that remove mud, gravel and other debris from the tires of dump trucks and the tracks of bull dozers, skid steers and all kinds of other heavy equipment when drivers leave job sites. V-Trax partnered with OMNI for a material that would not rust, would hold up to the extreme abuse, and be cost effectively produced and aid in the efforts of erosion control.

OMNI’s proprietary process, expertise and use of polyurethane materials engineered for this application has exceeded V-Trax’s wildest expectations. It doesn’t rust, it has memory to return to its original shape, and even the tracks of heavy equipment don’t effect it. If our material can handle this kind of traffic, imagine what it can do in your application!

Bring your project and application ideas to OMNI, let us help you with design, material selection, and provide you with your actual solution!

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