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Cost Considerations + Tolerances

There are many factors that come into play when considering the cost for manufactured goods. One area in particular is tolerance, and tolerance matters.

Industry standards are the usual starting point for tolerance. But as we all know, the standard is not always what is needed based on the application. As tolerances become more stringent, this often has a major effect on cost.

For example, if a molded urethane part has stringent tolerances that is out of the normal standard, the part may be required to be post machined in order to meet the requirement. Another option is that the mold that produces the part can be manufactured in a “metal safe” way. This allows the mold to have additional material removed at a later point in order to tighten up the part tolerance. In either case, both options can dramatically affect the part pricing.

This is when you want an expert involved in your project. Someone who can look at the “big picture” and give real solutions that have a positive impact on your project (cost and manufacturability).

Don’t be surprised when you contact someone at OMNI to discuss your project and you are asked several questions. By asking the right questions, it helps us to determine the best solution for your project.

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