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OMNI is a leading manufacturer of dynamic polyurethane components, serving the Consumer Packaged Goods and Original Equipment Manufacturing industries since our start in 1979. We provide our partners with the most durable, molded polyurethane components for their unique equipment, giving ourselves and our partners a competitive advantage. The custom parts we create are used in a wide range of packaging, processing, and industrial applications.

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Our Solutions

Primary Packaging Equipment

  • Flow Wrappers
  • Form, Fill, and Seal
  • Scales / Weighers
  • Volumetric Filling
  • Auger Filling
  • Conveying

Secondary Packaging Equipment

  • Cartoning
  • Conveying
  • Sorting
  • Bagging
  • Material Handling
  • Labeling

End of Line Packaging Equipment

  • Tray Packing
  • Case Packers
  • Shrink Wrapping
  • Palletizing Automation
  • Bundling
  • Wrapping

Our Solutions Are Uniquely Designed
to Best Perform For You

We want to ensure that you know just what to expect from start to finish when you work with OMNI.
We call this the OMNI Process

Collaborative opportunity

Our focus is your focus. How do we work together to develop something special? Something that makes a unique difference in the marketplace? We diligently work with you to understand all of the dynamics of your business, your equipment, and your EU. The more we know, the more value we can provide and bring to the table.

Designing your
innovative solution

Every application is different just as every design is different. There may be similarities, but each product has its own set of difficulties that we have to overcome. Many factors come into play when we are selecting the right materials for your application. What are the physical properties that are needed? How can we maximize manufacturability? We take all feedback that is provided and hone in on what will make the biggest difference.

Making your mold

At OMNI, all of our products require a mold. We believe that controlling every aspect of the process is important to delivering the most value to our customers. As a result, we have a full machine shop in-house that cuts all of our tooling to ensure each component is crafted to our exact specifications.

Manufacturing your

OMNI specializes in thermoset polymers, but more specifically High-Performance Silicones and Urethanes. Over the years OMNI has developed many molding methods to produce our customer's end products. These molding operations range from open cast, compression molding, spin-casting, injection molding, transfer molding, and large-volume machine casting. When we were designing the complete solution we were weighing all of the possibilities at our disposal to help achieve specific objectives. Each method will be evaluated based on the criteria that is established early on.

Performing for you

Outfitting the first machine is simply the beginning. OMNI is invested in making our customers successful. Our proven track record working with the largest OEMs in the packaging industry speaks for itself. However, our continued success working cooperatively together project after project, product line after product line speaks much louder.

Our Happy Customers

“The partnership we have created with OMNI is second to none. They are very hands on, excellent listeners, and help us create solutions that meet our needs and our customers expectations.”


“We were constantly looking for new materials that are durable, FDA and Dairy 3A approved. That could also withstand regular cleaning with caustic cleaners, sanitizers, and high temperatures. Not only did we find these with OMNI, we also found a group who was responsive and looks at the design holistically. The OMNI team helped us innovate and create designs that prevent the arboring of dirt and water. Things that are critical in food processing plants.”

- KG

“OMNI is great to work with. Every time we have brought an opportunity to them, they have taken the time to understand the true need, and develop a solution that meets or exceeds our expectations.”

- DR

“The customer service that we receive from OMNI is incredible. The team is polite, informative, and extremely responsive. The products that they provide are of high quality and craftsmanship is hard to beat. This team takes pride in their work and stands behind their product.”

- Syntegon

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