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Molded Polyurethane Parts + Color

Fluorescent green, blue, orange, red, yellow, gray, translucent and all the shades in between are pigment options OMNI provides while designing your molded polyurethane parts. OMNI delivers brilliantly colored parts that offer your equipment durability, longevity, and a built-in opportunity to choose from a variety in surface finishes. Top reasons OEMs choose OMNI for their packaging equipment part needs is because OMNI can manufacture complex assembly parts in color providing their end user customers with branding opportunity, changeover simplification, and promote safety initiatives.

If your customers want buckets, cartoner lugs, rollers in their specific brand color scheme? No problem. OMNI offers a wide range of colors and can come pretty close to any pantone if custom colors are needed!

Packaging equipment offering multi-sized product capabilities is great, those changeover parts in single serving to bulk can become complex. Offer simplified operations by color coding the variety of sizes for easy to recognize changeovers.

Safety improvement initiatives? Be proactive and use neon red, orange, yellow to further warn operators.

The advantages of integrating color into equipment design are here for the future, partner with OMNI to optimize your equipment designs.

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