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Designing your Innovative Solution

After evaluating the opportunity and verifying the best fit for both parties we will start designing the solution. At OMNI, we have a full design team committed to making your application successful. We will work with your design to ensure that everything is properly considered. There is a lot that goes into a design, specifically dynamic components that are integral to your equipment. It is critical that the correct material is chosen for the application, the right manufacturing process is selected based on all factors considered (part geometry, part size, consumption on and order and annual basis, optimal material selection (durometer and prepolymer selection)), and then help maximize the design from a manufacturing perspective as well as the part functionality taking all physical requirements into consideration. With equipment requirements for sanitary designs being more and more critical, molding complete assemblies as a single homogenous item can present itself as a huge differentiator in the market place. Through a good design and proper material selection we can make sure that all of your sanitization, product contact, and dynamic requirements are met.

Also included in this phase will be a discussion surrounding the additional benefits that additives, and molded in place inserts can bring to the table. All specially designed and formulated for each specific application.

After the design has been discussed and agreed on, OMNI will work to present pricing for the products being manufactured. In order for us to provide the most accurate estimate it is imperative that all parties work cooperatively to make sure that the pricing matches the customers’ expectations. With so many variables at play, the more we know the better complete product we can provide. If there is a target price per unit that is trying to be achieved, we have options with the mold construction to add cavities as need be to try and achieve a target unit price. The same goes the other direction, if the goal is to keep the tooling cost down, design fluidity can allow us to simplify the mold and reduce the number of hours to create it. Ultimately, the goal is to develop a product that satisfies all of the requirements, quality, durability, price, and lead time.

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