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Design Flexibility

Flexibility in design is something that applies to almost every aspect of Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM). If you are building equipment that moves packaging, food, cartons, or just about anything, it’s likely that complex geometric parts are involved. With a molded product, OMNI is able to offer complex undercuts and unique part designs unseen in other types of plastics manufacturing, and often at a fraction of typical cost. 

Imagine your customer has the need to manufacture multiple products on one production line. With Compression Molding, one can design a flexible system with quick change features where you can easily swap out pieces for various package types and sizes. This will lower your customer’s machine down time, as well as required changeover labor. All while lowering your individual part cost over a machined plastics option. Have the need for a quick change bucket that fits all your standard equipment models? We can evaluate manufacturing all of them from one mold at one low cost

OMNI Technologies is able to provide such design options via interchangeable tooling designs and our proprietary methods of compression molding and plastics. Our interchangeable tooling offers you a onetime tool cost, but provides you with the capability to mold multiple part geometries from the same equipment. This is beneficial because our complex designs come to you at a fraction of what they would cost to build multiple injection molds, and our part cost is typically a third of what machined plastics offer. Using this system only requires a quick insert change and a new part design can be manufactured to convey a different size product on your equipment. Imagine the upfront cost savings this offers you, and long term benefits for your customers.

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